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Welcome on our site!

We are pleased to present you with our offer of boxes for storing fishing traces. These products are designed primarily for competitive anglers, who must have a possibility of quick access to traces and their fast exchange. The products, which we are all familiar with, allow us to store several dozens of fishing traces. In one HookLine Box, it is possible to store several hundreds of them. During fishing competition, when time is crucial, a competitor is able to see all his fishing traces after opening a lid and can make an immediate decision, which of them has the appropriate size and length. The design of the box provides a storage space for a large number of ready-made fishing traces and at the same time also prevents any minor damages and creases of fishing lines. The placement of a hook on a wire, which rests freely on a bend ensures a very quick release and removal of the hook. As we have already mentioned, the fishing traces are positioned between two wires, which are placed on strips in intervals of 1,5 cm for convenient access. One of the wires keeps the hook on the bend and the second one keeps the loop of the fishing trace. Such placement of the hook prevents dulling the blade and the barb. The fishing trace line in is freely placed between two wires and has no contact to any other material or plastic. Therefore, we can be sure that nothing bad is going to happen to our fishing traces. Our boxes are made of wood, which, as we know, has insulating properties. It is a great advantage of our products because other plastic solutions absorb more heat, which is dangerous for fishing lines. The boxes are painted with the paints which protect them against UV rays and are waterproof. Due to our observations of the best anglers in Europe, we may conclude that this is the best and the safest way to store and transport fishing traces.

The waiting time for some versions can be 6 weeks.

 What sets us apart?

Our boxes are embodiments of the timber by hand. Made from the finest materials. We use top-notch impregnating.

Our offer

In our offer we have out of 36 types of the boxes:


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